Digital maturity isn't ‘nice to have’ anymore

It’s essential if we want to not only meet our customers’ needs, but actually anticipate them. Discover where your company lies on the path to digital maturity with our free two-minute, digital maturity test. You’ll get your results straight away, with practical advice on how to move your company forward and build digital momentum.

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The digital shift

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a sudden -and fundamental- shift from physical to digital.Whereas digital tools and products used to be somewhat of an ad on to business, today they are their bread and butter. However, not all organisations were ready for the shift. They had to flip a switch they had not even installed. From face-to-face conference meetings to skype calls. From written agenda’s to cloud-stored documents, readily available to everyone etc.

The struggle businesses have

The response to this shift is diverse. Some players had already been working in a hybrid model; where employees could easily work from home, call in to join meetings and access each and every document. Others struggled more as they were confronted with a lack of -or outdated tooling. A sudden surge of VPN connections could suddenly not be handled by outdated servers. The e-commerce site you launched could not handle the traffic.

The new reality 

Considering this context will probably be something lasting, we have turned to dub it the “new real”. As businesses emerge back into the market they will probably find that some of the tools they have adopted missed the mark. Or that some of them might even hold more potential.

Digital Maturity

Jane Austen once wrote “self-knowledge is the first step to maturity”. So in getting ready for that “new real” we took unto ourselves to create a brief self-assessment survey to test your digital readiness.

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