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Disconnected digitalisation

In the rush to become a digital company, digitisation and digitalisation have become the means and the end. Digital for the sake of digital, resulting in a patchwork of tools.
Efforts that fail to contribute to the company's vision and ambitions and that impact neither the operational workings of the organisation nor, more importantly, the customer. Disconnected digitisation, you might say. Innovation that is not integrated into the company’s business reality.

A digital accelerator with surgical precision

To help companies pinpoint where digital can actually contribute and impact their goals, we designed an accelerator pack. By starting from the customer's key moments of truth, we scan the digital value delivery, from customer touchpoints, to systems and tools, all the way down to the operational teams. In that way, we can target where digital is underperforming and where we might contribute.

Challenging times require fast-paced action

The current crisis has hit many businesses. Immediate prioritisation and alignment with in-the-moment business-needs has never been more important. It’s time to discard three-year roadmaps, scan fast and act fast.

Digital is more than a storefront

Many companies are unlocking new client-facing digital features. However, these new features and channels all impact operations. To actually accelerate on the back of new digital features, customer touchpoints, systems and operations need to be aligned.

An all-round-A-team can truly accelerate the business

Digital in itself has become a multi-disciplinary practice, requiring strategic, design, creative and technology skills. Too often these disciplines are not organised for synergy and thus lack fast-paced action. A SWAT team of digital experts can unlock the real potential digital holds.

"You need to align your processes with customer needs and to do so, you need exactly the right data to offer the right product/service to the right customer at the right time.”

Annick van Overstraeten
CEO Le Pain Quotidien

Annick Van Overstraeten CEO Le Pain Quotidien

Why work with us

We go beyond traditional consultancy, bringing real-life experience from 10+ years of implementing digital in various industries. Our approach starts by putting the spotlight on your customers and their needs, and translates those insights into effective and tangible business results.


“Together” is key for us. We believe that the best results are achieved when we work together.


We bring true execution power and deliver what we promise. Together with you and your teams, we don’t stop until the job is done.


We introduce cross-industry knowledge that sparks innovation and we bring experts to every stage of the scan: from CX analysts to business architects, solution architects to agile coaches, strategy consultants to application engineers.

Partnership way of working
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Conducted together with our experts

Our partnership with Nova Reperta brings together subject matter experts from a range of diverse fields such as customer experience, system landscape design, operational design, performance measurement and governance. We can also leverage years of combined experience in various industries such as telco & media, finance, automotive, insurance and others.

In bringing experienced, pragmatic, hands-on experts to the table, we believe we can help you unlock the potential digital holds.

Proof of the value of our partnership

Le Pain Quotidien Partner
Rolling out e-comm
at record speed

Together with the team we rolled out e-commerce capabilities for customers and operations at 30+ stores in a time frame of four weeks.

Dela Partner
Building an actionable, holistic roadmap

Based on a sound operational scan and deep insights into the company's ambitions, we designed a roadmap for the future IT landscape at DELA.

Agilitas Partner
Turning IT into an enabler
for business success

We built a new IT governance model that would bring business and IT closer together, allowing IT to become an enabler for business success.

Contact us

Contact our Director of Client Partnerships Justin Mol, or Nick Dieltiens, partner at Nova Reperta, today to explore how a digital accelerator scan can help you identify and address your digital challenges.

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