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2019: A year of pulling G'S with great results

At the end of the year, we like to take the opportunity to share our achievements, sugarcoated with perspective, appreciation and pride. And a call-to-action to contribute to our growth.

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2019: A year of pulling G'S with great results

Just like any other year: it’s been quite a rollercoaster ride. Incredibly fast, sometimes bumpy, with steep descents and climbs, heading into the sharpest turns, followed by corkscrews that seem to never end. Hands in the air, kicking and screaming. Pulling G’s like ***, though never being knocked out. Thanks to a steady foundation and a team with a tight grip on the rails. 

A ride that was jam-packed with learning, growth and results. So when coming to an end, with another one in sight, we are proud that we did it, take the time to celebrate our success, and are excited for another ride!


For amplifying our expertise, way of working and offering to our clients, allowing us to become even more competitive and effective. We transformed from a tech expert into a full-service digital growth partner. A trusted partner to companies looking into increasing their market share, growing their internal efficiency or getting a new business or venture started. By making use of our digital superpowers, very much inspired by what we do at our ventures. 

Today we are able to offer our clients - like Telenet, BASE, SBS, VRT, Belga News Agency, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Colruyt, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, Bank J. Van Breda, Agilitas, Dela, and more, the opportunity to work with a truly entrepreneurial team.


For hitting and exceeding all our strategic goals & key objectives and getting ready for further growth. 

We are proud of team Gorilla (Software as a Service) 

We are proud of team Spencer (Software as a Service) 

We are proud of team Appmiral (Software as a Service)

We are proud of team The Market (Experience as a Service)


For their passion, for putting their upbeat hearts into everything they do; For operating with organisation, focus, commitment, drive & perseverance; For always being empathic, genuine and personal, for caring about each other, for making our office feel like home; For being successful together, for always moving forward with attention to results; For their curiosity, always looking for ways to augment our standards, to continue to grow; For giving every it every single day the best work of their life!


We are looking for clients & their challenges, and people & their expertise to continue to grow your and our success.

We are looking for +20 bright minds to step into the cart with us!

People that are passionate about Product, Tech, Marketing, Sales, Talent development. People with a mindset for growth! So are you looking to create an impact with the work you deliver? Get in touch through our career portal. We look forward to meeting you!

We are looking for enterprise executives, start-up founders, and investors to accelerate their business with!

Clients that want to make use of our digital expertise, by activating what we have learned and successfully applied at our own ventures. So are you looking to grow your enterprise, start-up or portfolio company? Get in touch through our contact page. We look forward to listening to you!

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Written by

Tom Vroemans


Co-founder, Chairman & CEO