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N5 announces client partnership with ecommerce innovator Penny Black

Together with ecommerce innovator Penny Black we validated and created the scalable pilot of their package-personalisation solution that increases customer lifetime value through hyper-personalised unboxing experiences.

June 9, 2022
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We’re proud to announce our partnership with UK-based ecommerce innovator Penny Black! Incubated as a joint venture by Agfa and investors ninepointfive, this SaaS company turned the single remaining physical touchpoint between ecommerce brands and their consumers into a competitive advantage. With their package-personalisation solution, Penny Black enables brands to create hyper-personalised unboxing experiences by using their platform and seamless supply chain integrations.

In six months, we went from an out-of-the-box idea to a scalable live pilot which helps consumer brands increase customer lifetime value by delivering fully personalised and physical on-brand experiences – a key differentiator in an impersonal, ecommerce-driven world.

The platform seamlessly integrates printing hardware, dynamic templating and various ecommerce platforms, allowing it to tie in effortlessly with existing supply chain systems at fulfilment centres. An easy-to-use control & insights dashboard completes Penny Black’s solution. And, guess what: their packaging approach is the missing piece in every brand’s CX approach and is taking ecommerce by storm!

All chapters in our partnership with Penny Black have been beyond exciting. We’ve partnered with them on the entire roadmap, from idea to live platform. In this greenfield project, we started with advanced AGFA technology to validate the platform’s feasibility and scalability, created the architectural backbone and roadmap, and went from POC to successful pilot through product definition and development. Today we still work side-by-side with Penny Black to track and upskill the team to technically onboard new clients self-sufficiently.

This is such a great and inspiring collaboration, and we’re proud to be part of writing Penny Black’s history!

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Muriel Mwema

Director Product Management & Delivery

Muriel Mwema

Director Product Management & Delivery

June 9, 2022
min read

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