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Moving to a different country is a big step, we know. To make your move as smooth as possible, we’ll assist you in getting all the right documents and filling out the paperwork. We’ll guide you in finding a perfect place to live and your new colleagues will be delighted to show you around the beautiful city of Antwerp.

Living in Antwerp

Antwerp is Belgium's second-biggest city, located on the river Schelde and next to the world’s fifth-largest port. Although we have more than 550,000 people of 175 different nationalities living here, most of us think of Antwerp as a ‘big village’ rather than a city. 

You can easily walk or bike from ‘Het Eilandje’ (‘the little island’ – in the north) to ‘Het Zuid’ (‘the south’ – you can guess where). You can stroll through the medieval historic centre filled with bars and restaurants (and some karaoke bars, should you feel the urge).And when the sun is out, you can have an apéro on our recently renovated quays. One thing is for sure, you will quickly fall in love with Antwerp.

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central station Antwerp
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Facts & Fairytales


  • Everyone at the office – and in fact most people in the north of Belgium – can speak English.
  • Belgium is famous for its (wrongly-named) French fries, chocolate and beers. The latter can be ordered without speaking (we’ll teach you how).
  • There are 2 rival football clubs in Antwerp: ‘den Antwaarp’ and ‘den Beerschot’.


  • It’s not always raining in Belgium. In fact, it only rains 7.5% of the time. And when the sun is out, literally everyone lives outside.
  • The cuisine is not limited to chocolate, French fries, and waffles. We have a great tradition of blending different food styles (and doing it well). We have so many restaurants that everybody will find one to suit their taste.

Dario Prskalo

Croatian - Working at N5 since 2014

“November Five knew exactly what needed to happen to get all the paperwork done so I could focus on my new work, getting to know my colleagues and getting accustomed to living in Antwerp.”

Dario Prskalo

Croatian - Working at N5 since 2014

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