The first step in the process is to apply online by submitting your CV or résumé. This is what gives us our first impression of you.

Applications are read personally by our hiring manager and recruitment manager, who are both experts in interpreting résumés and are familiar with our company values and our roles.

The qualifications listed in the job description are there to help you select the role that best fits your background and aspirations, so pay close attention – we’ll review applications with these in mind.


Phone call

To further qualify you for the role, you'll have a short call with our recruitment manager to see if there is potential for a great match based on the job requirements.

If your call goes well, you’ll be invited for a face-to-face interview. Tip: You’ll increase your chances of success if you do some homework. Familiarise yourself with our history, core values, and the work we do.



You can expect 2 rounds of interviews.

First, you’ll meet your team expert and our recruitment manager. We’ll go over your résumé and more specifically your expertise and (technical) knowledge. In the second round, you’ll meet the hiring manager and the recruitment manager. To get our hiring manager up to speed, we’ll run through your résumé again, and then dig down into a competency-based interview.

Our interview process is a chance not only for us to get to know you better, but also for you to find out more about working at November Five. You'll have lots of questions about the role and our company, so feel free to ask them too.

We’ll get back to you via email or a phone call within 7 days of the interview to let you know the next steps. If you’d like more feedback, feel free to give us a call.



You can expect 2 elements at this stage:

First of all, you'll receive a relevant test project. This gives you a chance to showcase your skills and get a taste of what the job entails.

Secondly, we’ll send you a link for a personality test. This gives us more insight into how you see yourself and helps us identify strengths that will complement our team.


Mutual love

If you are selected as our perfect match, we’ll call you to make a verbal offer. Afterwards, we’ll send you the details of our offer via email so you can read it through in your own time. 

Once the fit and timing are right on both sides, we’ll stay in close contact to walk you through the administrative elements.

Our recruitment manager and hiring manager will make sure you know what to expect by the time your first day comes around. One week in advance, you’ll receive an email with all the details for your first week including practical arrangements.

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