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Announcing Spencer: the mobile workplace assistant

We're proud to announce that we're launching a new venture: Spencer, the digital workplace assistant for employees!

March 6, 2017
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It’s a big day for us at November Five: we can announce that Spencer, a tool we’ve been developing internally for some time, is ready to leave the nest.

We’re launching Spencer as a spinoff company – with a mission and a dedicated team.

And as a young company and product, we’re already serving major corporations such as Telenet, Proximus, and DEME.

Tool-overload causes frustrations at work

Spencer alleviates a pain that all employees understand: having to switch between different programs to request time off, schedule a meeting, or file an expense note.

The market for enterprise tools is oversaturated. Companies are responding to the digital transformation revolution in the business world by implementing a dedicated technology fix for every small task. Book a holiday? Use this tool. Find a phone number on the go? Use that solution. Approve a PO? Pull up that program.

The result: a complex and fragmented web of tools, websites, and applications that employees must navigate to complete day-to-day tasks.

As if this fragmentation wasn’t enough, employees also have to deal with bad user experiences. Today’s users – many of them digital natives – have high expectations for the applications they use, and those are not being met.

Companies implement enterprise applications with little consideration to the user experience, which creates low adoption amongst employees and causes frustration. And it’s a real productivity killer – a 2016 report by Forrester found that 62% of employees delay completing tasks that require logging into multiple systems.

A connected solution at the core of digital transformation

From this pain point, Spencer was born. Spencer makes employees’ lives easier by centralising and synchronising information from different enterprise tools into a single digital interface; this saves time and increases productivity by eliminating the need to switch between applications.

Spencer is fully mobile. This is in line with a recent Gartner Predictions forecast, stating that 70% of all enterprise software interactions will occur on mobile devices by 2021. Our team has taken this to heart, making the solution’s mobile interface a development priority for what is becoming the new way of working.

We think of Spencer as a Google Now for large companies

We see Spencer as the starting point for employee-centric digital transformation in large enterprises. As a Google Now for large companies, connecting you with the tools and data you need whenever you need them. We deeply believe in two guiding principles that will help us expand the product and engage the workforce: creating an open ecosystem to maximise interoperability with enterprise tools, and becoming a proactive and intelligent personal assistant to every single employee. It’s a solution that can serve any company: by taking a modular approach, any enterprise application can be plugged into the Spencer environment, creating a more comprehensive and easy-to-use toolkit.

A partner to large enterprises

Spencer has already partnered with Telenet to begin implementing our solution for the company’s 3,200 employees. Teams at BASE Company participated in a pilot project prior to the company’s acquisition by Telenet, where Spencer was greeted with enthusiasm as a way to simplify complicated HR processes.

“Spencer helps us combine our critical applications into a single, easy-to-use, mobile interface. The result: a more intuitive way-of-working, increased productivity and happier employees,” shares Claudia Poels, Senior VP Human Resources at Telenet.

A growing tech company


With the support of November Five, Spencer has now taken the big step from an idea to a fully-fledged company. The current team of eight can boast 60 years of combined experience in product development and relationship management.

And Spencer is eager to grow: they’re currently hiring and looking for dynamic team members to continue building this innovative product. You can check out all of the vacancies here.

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